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In a terse, three-sentence written response delivered late Friday afternoon, Dec. 11 the United States Supreme Court rejected the bid by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to hear a case claiming that Texas had been injured by the 2020 election processes of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia.

Supreme Court Building. Image courtesy of NPR.

The rejection was nine to zero; meaning that all six conservative justices, including the three appointed by President Donald Trump, refused to hear the case. Their rationale; Texas has no standing to bring the case, all 50 states have authority to run their own elections, and the results of elections conducted in states such as Pennsylvania do not injure Texans.

The response effectively shuts down the efforts by Trump, his supporters and Republican loyalists to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election; an election in which President-elect Joe Biden won the popular vote by more than eight million votes, and garnered 306 electoral votes; far past the required 270 to clinch the election.

The case gained public traction when the Attorneys General of 17 Republican-led states joined it. Trump jumped in to ask to be added to the case, and no less than two renegade groups declaring themselves to be “New California’ and ‘New Nevada” added themselves to the case.

When Trump demanded loyalty support from congressional Republicans, 107 of them actually signed on, including some in states like Pennsylvania whose own re-elections could be invalidated if their state’s election were declared invalid.

As soon as the case was filed, legal experts said that it had no chance of success, calling it frivolous and sloppily-prepared. But the fact that it was brought at all, that Trump continues with the delusion that he can somehow undo the will of the American people, and that so many elected Republicans have now announced that their loyalty is to party — over country or constitution — is a warning.

Meanwhile, the Electoral College will meet next week to certify the election and they have indicated that they will represent the will of the people. If this were a TV show, one wonders what the ratings would be.