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The Salida Board of Education met for over seven hours on Tuesday evening, Oct. 5 in an executive session to discuss the events that transpired on September 23, The stated purpose of the session was to determine its next steps related to the incident in which Salida police arrived at the school and initiated first a lockout, then a lockdown for the school environment due to a perceived threat.

The Salida School Board reviewed staff statements, district video footage, community letters, and heard direct testimony from many staff members regarding the incident that occurred on September 23. In a written statement, the Board of Education wrote:

Image courtesy of the Salida School District.

“The Board sees discrepancies between District reviewed accounts and the released police affidavit. Disciplinary actions regarding Principal Trujillo and Superintendent Blackburn are confidential personnel matters. The current legal proceedings do not allow the Board to comment further. Principal Trujillo will return to work as soon as possible.”

The statement went on to say that “the District wants to learn from this experience and improve their response. Therefore, the Board of Education is putting out a call to action, inviting the Salida City Council to sit together as elected officials to find ways to better partner. Upon completion of those legal proceedings, the Salida Board of Education directs District staff to seek mediation with the Salida Police Department through a neutral party. The Board appreciates the great response of our staff and students through a complicated scenario.”