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Cattle drive in Chaffee County. Photo credit- Sandy Hobbs.

Commissioner Greenberg Attends USDA High-Value Beef Processing Event

Commissioner of Agriculture Kate Greenberg attended a roundtable hosted by the United States Department of Agriculture and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack at the CSU SPUR campus in Denver on January 19, 2024. It would appear to be no accident that the roundtable was scheduled during the National Western Stock Show.

The Roundtable focused on the recent announcement of a pilot program to allow more cattle producers and meat processors to access better markets through the USDA’s official beef quality grading and certification. The program balances the need for production with the opportunity for small and midsize businesses to stay in business.

“Secretary Vilsack continues to drive transformative investments in American agriculture to foster a more prosperous and resilient future for all,” read Greenberg’s formal statement. “Today’s announcement will offer Colorado’s beef producers and processors more opportunities to find processing options that best meet their operation’s unique needs.”

As the Secretary has noted, the United States continues to lose farmers at an alarming rate. The ability of a country to produce its own food is considered to be a national security issue.

Farmers, ranchers, and all who work in agriculture are the backbone of our economy, communities, and food system. More farmers means more opportunity across rural and urban communities.

Within the state of Colorado, there is a growing emphasis on improving our local and regional food systems and expanding market diversification and access for producers of all scales. This emphasis leverages the leadership of farmers and ranchers to tackle climate change and build resilience, and could create new opportunities for the next generation of agriculture.

For more information about the Remote Grading Pilot for Beef program, visit