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With the Decker fire still fresh in everyone’s minds and coronavirus (COVID-19) still keeping the community at home, the Envision Forest Health Council advises Chaffee County residents looking for ways to pass the time, to prepare their properties and homes for wildfires.

Clearing dead and diseased trees and underbrush makes an entire community safer. Courtesy photo.

For homes located in the wildland-urban interface (areas close to or in forestlands and wilderness areas) preparations are especially suggested. The Envision Forest Health council suggests that property owners:

  • Make sure firewood is stacked 30 feet away from structures
  • Clear debris such as pine needles from roofs, decks and gutters
  • Maintain grass and weeds by cutting them to 6 inches or less.
  • Dispose of any slash tree or shrub thinning
  • Post reflective address signs

“Right now is the perfect time to get ready for the fire season,” said Forester J.T. Shaver. “Taking steps now will give your home a fighting chance against the wildfires of tomorrow.”

Implementing these “defensible zone” precautions will make homes less vulnerable and reduce the chance of spreading wildfire. Shaver went on to suggest that “These initial steps are pretty simple, and a few can be done with your kids.” Use this time to protect your home from future wildfires.

For more information view a Colorado State Forest Service Quick Guide online or contact with further questions.