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Valley to Valley Senior Care Center has announced that it is $150,000 away from its $1 million goal to build a new Senior Center in Saguache. Valley to Valley provides caregivers a break from the daily routines of caring for incapacitated loved ones, while at the same time assuring that their loved ones receive quality care from a compassionate, professional staff.

It could be pointed out that those giving care these days are not just those caring for the elderly. A significant number of young spouses are caring for their veteran spouses injured in America’s Mideast military involvement.

The caregiver can have a day or a few hours to meet the demands of their own lives, hold a daytime job or just have time away from intense caregiving duties.   A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Valley to Valley is currently located in Salida, but hopes to build a new center in Saguache. The goal must be met by September to protect construction bid  commitments.

Rendering of the new Valley to Valley Senior Center. Courtesy image.

CEO of Valley to Valley, Eve Braden, explained “Seniors and all the effort that has gone into making it this far are at stake. Contractors have limits for holding bids until September’s end. Seniors long for it to get done.”

“We have had COVID and stalemates along the way, but we believe that there are those out there that just needed to know we have an urgent need.”

To make a donation or learn more Call 719-539-4396  and ask for Kristyn  or Eve.