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Valley to Valley Senior Care Center recently received two grants for a new van. The Daniels Fund and Next 50 supported the center so they were able to purchase this new van to help even more community members.

“The van has been a great asset to the center. We welcome questions and are open and helping,” said the CEO of Valley to Valley Eve Braden.

The van is a 2021 nine-passenger van that is wheelchair accessible. It is now used to pick up people from Buena Vista, Saguache, Salida, and down to Howard. The grant to the center had $3,000 leftover after paying off the van which will be used for insurance, tires, gas, and other wear and tear on the vehicle.

The new Valley to Valley van. Image courtesy of Valley to Valley.

The care center provides regular caregivers a break from the daily routines while at the same time assuring that their loved ones receive quality care from a compassionate, professional staff.

Valley to Valley’s program affords each senior participant a place and opportunity to build friendships and enjoy stimulating activities. It is a place where dignity, confidence, security, and independence are assured in a caring, professional environment that adds joy to their quality of life.

The program allows the regular caregivers to have a day — or a few hours — to meet the demands of their own lives, hold a daytime job, or just have time alone.

Typical hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.