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SPOT Board Members learn new Towns and Trails App.

There’s a new App in town that is going to help the users of the trails we all love, report when a beloved trail needs a little help. The Chaffee Rec Collector app uses sophisticated GIS map data and can be downloaded and used by anyone.

It enables citizens to help monitor and report on what they see in the surrounding public lands—effectively many more “boots on the ground” and eyes on the health and condition of campgrounds, trails, and facilities.

This data is reported to the above-mentioned agencies, expanding their capabilities to know what’s going on out there, and aiding with prioritizing their work and resources. App users may perform some actions while on-site, such as cleaning up a trashed campsite, and report this information as well.

Chaffee Rec Adopters is a robust volunteer program that came about through the Chaffee Rec Plan. It is administered through Envision Chaffee County and GARNA (Greater Arkansas River Nature Association), the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, the Colorado State Land Board. Chaffee Rec Adopters’ goal is to take care of the lands we love.

The usefulness of the new Rec Collector app’s Campsite surveys inspired the new Towns and Trails surveys, which came about from a partnership between Envision Chaffee County and the municipalities of Buena Vista and Salida. It uses GIS mapping technology, is easy to use, and anyone can download it.

With Towns and Trails, volunteer reporters will monitor and report on conditions such as hazards to people and wildlife, broken playground equipment, overflowing parking lots, or the need for dog waste stations. Any action taken, such as picking up trash or fishing line, will be reported.

Towns and Trails will help municipalities and the local trail associations prioritize work. It basically provides more “boots on the ground”, and it will enhance their ability to keep things safe and running smoothly.

Salida Parks Open-Space and Trails (SPOT), Salida Mountain Trails, Buena Vista Singletrack and ElevateHER are using the app for adopt-a-trail and adopt-a-park volunteer opportunities.

Readers can get help to download and learn about the Chaffee Rec Collector and Towns and Trails at the Kick Off to Summer, on Saturday, May 13, in Riverside Park in Salida. This event is a chance for all volunteers, in any capacity, to meet each other and learn about the many nonprofits and opportunities in Chaffee County. Stop by either the GARNA or SPOT booth (they will be located side-by-side).

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