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Elsewhere in the region, heated school board races saw so-so voter turnout, and in the case of Summit County, three incumbents returning to their seats.

A group of four candidates running together for school board in Summit County, citing lagging student performance as their impetus, was unable to get a strong enough toehold to take any of the four seats up for election. Nine candidates were in the race.

Early results showed Kate Hudnut reelected to a two-year seat (2,905 votes), with Johanna Kugler (2,495), Chris Guarino (2,525) and Lisa Webster (2,629) elected to four-year terms. Kugler and Webster are incumbents.

The Tourism Panel Courtesy photo.

The foursome of challengers, running as a group called 4 For The Kids, raised significantly more money than those who won election. Kim Langley received 1,684 votes, followed by Pat Moser (1,562) and Manuela Michaels (1,525) in the four-year races, with Danielle Surette getting 1,760 in the two-year race. Blue River Mayor Toby Babich, who was running outside of either group, received 723 votes.

In Lake County, three school board candidates sought two seats on the R1 School District board, with John David BakerĀ  (923) and Felicia Federico (1,142) winning. Stephanie McElhinney received 670 votes.

In the Leadville City Council election, candidates ran unopposed, with 15 write-in votes in Ward 1. Results are:

Ward 1: Christian Luna-Leal, 187 votes;

Ward 2: Francisco “Cisco” Tharp, 140 votes, and Tim Hill, 155 votes;

Ward 3: Justin ‘Max’well Forgensi, 156 votes.