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Salida High School Responded to Salida PD Request for Added Layers of Security

In a terse press release late Wednesday afternoon, the Salida School District announced that the Salida High School campus was placed under an added layer of security for a period of time on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

The building was placed under a “Hold” while the Salida Police Department investigated a concern.

The police determined there was no immediate threat and released the building to normal operations.

Under the “Hold in Your Classroom or Area” protocol

Students are trained to:

  • Clear the hallways
  • Remain in their area or room until the “All Clear” is announced
  • Do business as usual

Adults and staff are trained to:

  • Close and lock the door
  • Account for students and adults
  • Do business as usual

The district notes that it “appreciates everyone’s support as we all work together to investigate all concerns to student safety.”

To learn more about the district’s safety practices, including details about their community partners, and the layers of safety outlined in the SRP or Standard Response Protocol, readers should visit: 

Ark Valley Voice has contacted the Salida Police Department about the investigation but has not yet received details on what the hold was for, who was involved, or how it was resolved.

Featured image: Salida High School. Photo by Susan Roebuck.