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Coloradans know that in a state with 300 days of sunshine, it can be hard to find a bad day. Even during the summer monsoon season, the storms move in, and usually move out in time for a late BBQ. Winter snow storms — no problem … we live in the mountains for a reason. We like it here.

The rising sun. Photo courtesy of The Conversation.

But the experts who collect this stuff say the historical weather data doesn’t lie. July 18 will be Colorado’s most ‘perfect day of the year’.

An analysis of 36 years’ worth of data reveals the date on which each state can expect the best weather. Factors included: the date with the most predicted sunshine and the date with the best temperature

This interactive map shows the most perfect day in every state:


There’s something about life that just feels inexplicably perfect when it’s a sunny, blue-sky day out – especially when you’re on vacation with a new place to explore. Science suggests that your body feels less stressed without the need to thermoregulate itself in unnaturally heated or airconditioned climates. And of course, when the weather is good, we’re more likely to spend more time outdoors, which is a natural mood-enhancer.

If you’re wondering what temperature is best for your body during summer, a thermostat setting of 78 degrees Fahrenheit is widely considered to be the most ideal.

As it turns out, every state has it’s own “perfect date”. conducted an analysis of weather data across the country to pinpoint the exact day each state can expect to experience the most perfect day of the year. This was based on the following factors:

  • Date with the most predicted sunshine
  • Date with the best temperature
  • The longest day of the year

In Colorado, experts say the most perfect day will be on July 18 this year. This date is an average of the following data: the date with the most predicted sunshine – June 21; the date with the best temperature – September 12; and finally, the longest day of the year – June 21.

However, different locations will experience their most perfect days on different dates. In Arizona, for example, the most perfect day will happen a little later in the year: August 4. Similarly, Hawaii will experience its most ideal day in August – more specifically, August 24.

No one wants a vacation spoiled by rain and gloomy skies!’ says Rose Ackermann of ‘We hope our research gives people across the country the best chance of getting great weather when going on their vacations.’

Averaging more than 300 days of sunshine, those who know say that its very hard to find a bad day in Colorado.