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Ark Valley Voice 2023 News Topics Will Dive Deep

Tonight we ring out the old year and ring in the new year. As every year is, it will be filled with news — both good and bad — and our role is to report the news of our community, and when a state or national story has local implications, we cover it.

AVV reporter Dan Smith (left) and managing editor Jan Wondra (right) ask questions of Chaffee County’s candidates for the Board of County Commissioners on October 19, 2022. Photo by Hannah Harn.

As fact-based and unbiased news, AVV doesn’t tell readers what to think, but we do give you things to think about.

Community is a group concept: a diversity of people, many with varying views, who come together to collaborate, hopefully for the good of the whole. Good journalism should help make the community a more democratic place.

We ask hard questions, and we often investigate “why?” — and “why not?” and — “What’s next?”

Read us knowing that you may receive perspectives you never considered, or a viewpoint that at one time you might have dismissed, but now can at least take the time to understand.

Our opinions remain in the “Our Voice” section of AVV and we welcome your opinions as well, as letters to the editor.

Only a few days ago, we recapped some of the important news topics AVV has covered this past year. Looking ahead, here are a few of the many topics that readers can expect AVV will be exploring  in the coming year:

  • The transition to a new Chaffee County Commission (BoCC); implementation of a new land use code and a county approach to managing growth
  • The handling of Ballot Measure 1A Lodging Tax share for workforce/housing needs
  • The effectiveness of the District Attorney’s Office
  • The future of the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA), including projects, diversity, the leadership change and committee effectiveness
  • Potential domestic extremism in Chaffee County and infrastructure protection
  • A “Home Rule” initiative for Salida
  • Salida city elections and the impacts on city issues; from housing development to a master plan for the former Vanderveer Ranch.
  • Regional drought and local water scarcity issues, including municipal supplies and county water availability research
  • Infrastructure and regional transportation system planning, from the San Luis Valley to the Tennessee Pass and Uintah Basin to multi-modal transit
  • The Salida-Poncha Springs wastewater capacity issues and impacts on housing development
  • Resolution of the HRRMC TABOR issue
  • Coverage of the area’s multi-faceted and vibrant area nonprofit scene and its importance to the economic vitality of the region
  • Equity issues

These and many, many more issues and topics will fill our AVV reporting hours during 2023. Even if you have only read an article or two along the way, we invite you to subscribe to our six-day-a-week eblast delivery schedule, or our Sunday morning full-week story blast. AVV is nonprofit news organization and our digital news is free to all readers.

In the meantime — Happy New Year 2023 from the entire AVV Crew!