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View over the Arkansas River toward the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness. Photo EcoFlight.

Just because the coronavirus known as COVID-19 has kept most people at home doesn’t mean the threat to wild areas has ceased. That’s the message from the non-profit Wild Connections, reminding the community that threats to public wildlands have not stopped.

The non-profit, which is celebrating 25 years in existence this year, says that continued vigilance is necessary to protect natural environments. According to Wild Connections, just because the country has been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, does not mean public agencies have delayed planning and decision making on major projects. Those decisions will have a lasting impact on wild areas for years to come, while the impacts of climate change haven’t diminished either.
The mission of Wild Connections is to identify, protect, and restore wildlands, native species, and biological diversity in the Arkansas and South Platte watersheds. They say they will continue to educate the public on advocacy for climate modeling and other initiatives to protect our wildlands.

Wild Connections invites readers to go online to explore some of their actions such as reflections on roadless area mapping, wilderness legislation, and BLM management. Virtual tours and 2020 restoration projects are also underway, as well as planning for hikes and other events that support their long-term vision.