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Ark Valley Voice thanks the hundreds of county residents who stopped by our booth at the Home & Garden Show; the important fundraiser for the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club scholarship fund. Your words of encouragement were much appreciated, and your compliments were pure sunshine.

Ark Valley Voice Managing Editor, Jan Wondra welcomes visitors at the Chaffee County Home and Garden Show. Alison Brown photo

Based on our un-scientific assessment from the question we asked everyone who stopped by, we’ve now reached more than 80 percent awareness of our news organization. Given we’ve been around for just four years, that is good news.

We also know that more than 60 percent of our readers read us right on their mobile phones by going directly to our news at It’s news right in your hand, and it’s real-time, as we post stories throughout the day, six days a week.

We’re excited about those who registered to win our drawing and donated toward a chance to win a Vino Salida Tour and Wine Tasting.

The winners of the Vino Salida Tour and Wine Tasting were Ken and Leslie Pearce.

The winner of the Tootsie Roll Tumbler guess was Brenna Bocch, who made the closest guess to the actual number of candies in the tumbler. She guessed 398, and the actual number was 368.

The range of guesses of the candies in that tumbler was quite large — ranging from 17 by one earnest young visitor to the booth, up to 1,217. We’re glad for every guess, but point out that this range shows that different people can look at the same object, or the same situation, and see something quite different.

Ark Valley Voice is arranging for the winners to pick up their prizes at our offices at 101 North F St. in Salida, Suite 204.