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The Chaffee County Running Club held its nineteenth annual two turkey trot relay on November 10 in Salida. Runners competed in two person teams, running from the Hollywood section of Salida to Spiral Drive and back. All entrants drew a partner from a hat holding each runners name. The weather was perfect for this fun run in the sun. Several local youth participated in the event, with all participants eagerly cheering each other at the start and finish line.

Note: Race clock is started when the first group begins running. This year, it was with the group who had a 6 minute handicap.  Below is a list of the winners in order of completion. For more information about the club and race time results visit online.

Kenny Wilcox and Kristy Falcon

Young runner tagging his partner.

Kuper Banghart and Zeke Wilcox

Emerson Reed and Jake Vold

Quinn Smith and Evan Paul

Elijah Wilcox and Hollis Beddingfield

Shanna Bordner and David Remington

Joaquin Wilcox and Ray Clark

Jennie Foyle and Kalister Banghart

Frank DeCew and Kjersti Varhus

Sarah Hudelson and Jimmy Bisese

Crossing the finish line

Fern Clark and Amy Reed

Dante Marinuchi and Jodi Breckenridge

Petit Kris Clark and Zachariah Papp

Tagging for next leg of the race.