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An important part of our duties at Ark Valley Voice (AVV) is the defense of democracy. Our Mission Statement is to be a voice in pursuit of truth in the Upper Arkansas Valley by providing objective, factual journalism that supports an informed community, civil discourse and government accountability while reflecting the values of the community.

In pursuit of this mission, we want to partner with you, the public. What questions do you have about the upcoming November 7 election? We will use your curiosity as a guide to help develop elections coverage suited to our community.

Image of private voting booths. Photo Courtesy of KSHB.

AVV’s Engaged Election Coverage

Ark Valley Voice staff and the President of their nonprofit parent, The Truth Has a Voice Foundation have been actively participating in ongoing training along with a cohort of 13 newsgathering media organizations in the Colorado Engaged Elections 2023 Fellowship.

We recently published an article addressing how we, as a nonprofit news organization, cover elections.

The goal of our engaged elections coverage is to go behind the scenes of the election process, move beyond the usual “box score” of who votes and who wins, and, most of all, engage voters by asking them what they want to know, not what the candidates want to tell them.

This is why we’re reaching out to you to find out — What do you need to know?

In the spirit of defending democracy and informing our community, we want to find out what you need to know to be prepared for the upcoming election.

What questions do you have about voting or the election process this year?

Do you have a question you’d like us to ask the candidates?

“Comment” your questions on this story, or send them in to We can research and publish the answers. If your question is used to generate a story, we will credit you directly in the article.

If you would like to remain anonymous, send the question by email and let us know that you prefer to be anonymous. This is something that AVV can allow as long as we know your identity.

For those of you who may be wondering, the AVV mission statement and policy on election and political coverage is available in full on our About Page.