COVID-19 – Current News and Information

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As COVID-19 Variants Rise Again and Summer Gatherings Loom – What is going On with Vaccines for Kiddos?

Parents of young children are not just impatient, they are getting worried. For the third day in a...

1,000,000 Dead Is an Even Bigger Number Than it Looks

Earlier this week, the United States reached a number that few among us envisioned: more than...

Senator Michael Bennet Tests Positive for COVID-19, CORE Act Mark-up is Virtual

While most Americans are trying to "get back to normal" whatever that is, there has been what has...

Colorado Lifts Public Transportation Mask Order, Protects COVID-19 Testing and Therapeutic Access

On Wednesday afternoon, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) issued...

Masks On — or Not?

Confusion reigns as a judge strikes down the COVID-19 face mask mandate on public transportation You could be forgiven this week for being...

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