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COVID-19 – Current News and Information

Hover and click the arrows to see our most current stories on COVID-19 and the Coronavirus. Older story headlines shown below. Click here for a list of local meeting and event cancellations.

The Galloping Geek: COVID Exposure Tracing App

On Tuesday my phone beeped at me with an alert. (Fortunately) it was one I hadn’t seen before. The...

Chaffee County Braces for COVID-19 Delta Variant Impact

As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to surge across the country, Colorado is not being spared....

“A Pandemic of the Un-vaccinated”

Round Four: Another COVID-19 Surge is Upon Us

The obvious can no longer be ignored. The U.S. appears to have entered a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic; with cases surging in all 50 states, rising hospitalizations, and rising death rates.

Neighbor to Neighbor/Chaffee Shuttle Receives Chaffee’s Got Heart Spotlight

The Chaffee’s Got Heart Committee now turns it spotlight on Neighbor to Neighbor/Chaffee Shuttle....

Seven Peaks Music Festival Application Withdrawn

“I hope to hell our situation improves between now and Labor Day – at this point, I don’t see metrics pointing in that direction. I don’t see evidence that things are drastically improving. What I DO see is decisions being made throughout Colorado that I believe are not supported by the data.
Geg Felt
Chaffee BoCC Chair

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