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Category: Environment

Recreation in Balance highlights top-priority areas, ready to begin data collection

“We’re seeing recreation grow at almost 20 percent a year in Chaffee County,” said Cindy Williams, co-lead of Envision Chaffee County. “Do we want growth at all costs? Or do we want to manage the user experience and keep it high quality?”

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Colorado Gov. Polis signs nine bills into law in Salida

“SB19-107 is a national model – we already know that it will probably be duplicated – there are a lot of other states with under-served rural populations that have been watching this. It balances the rights of property owners with the needs of the community; so one person can’t hold up broadband deployment that will benefit the whole community.”
Sen. Kerry Donovan
Speaking about SB19-107 – Broadband Infrastructure Installation

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‘Ground-breaking approach’ building community-centered Community Wildfire Protection Plan

“The biggest threat to our community is complacency. My job is to prepare the community, but we need your help in that you need to prepare yourselves … It’s important that you know how you’re going to get yourself out of a situation.”
Phil Graham
Director of the Chaffee County Office of Emergency Management

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