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Chaffee County Comp. Plan meeting surfaces county’s highest priorities

“I don’t think we can find a more engaged group of 20,000 people anywhere in this state. We all realize this county is getting a lot of attention … I encourage you to stick with this. It’s not just affecting this little valley here – the ideas that are coming out of this valley are affecting other areas of the state.”
Greg Felt
Chaffee County Commissioner

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Manipura Juice Company – Creating Community

A large part of the business goes into supporting other local businesses, “Part of our mission is always to stay 100 percent organic and I will never compromise that. We want to stand by our mission statement, 100 percent organic, 90 percent local.” Parmer continued, “The reason we opened this place was to be 100 percent sustainable. We try to minimize our plastic output, everything that goes out the door is in glass containers. Where people get discounts for bringing them back. It’s a showcase of the best of what food is available in the upper  headwaters of the Arkansas river.”

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Salida City Council public hearings to address short-term rentals

Two second readings and public hearings will commence in the meeting addressing Ordinance 2019-12 in amending the Salida Municipal code for short term rentals and Ordinance 2019-13 in amending the code for temporary commercial activities and vending permits. The amendments to the Salida Municipal Code can be found in the Salida City Council Meeting packet.

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Salida Community Gives Feedback in the Downtown Parking Study

The event aimed to hear from community members, as well as to educate the community of the results of the downtown parking study that were conducted in the earlier weekends of August. Walker Consultants Mallory Baker and Christina Jones walked through the findings of the studies in addition to helping direct Salida residents to the interactive boards collecting community feedback on a variety of parking topics: length of stay, best practices, inventory, occupancy, and demand.

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