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Humanists Announce 2021 Scholarship Award Winners

Congratulations are owed to the six 2021 high school seniors who are recipients of a Central Colorado Humanist scholarship of $1,000. All are high-achieving students with grade point averages exceeding 3.9. According to the scholarship committee, these six young women exemplify the values of the Central Colorado Humanists: informed by science; guided by reason; inspired by art and nature; motivated by compassion.

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AHRA expects another busy summer for campers and boaters

“It feels to me like we’re almost a month early on some of this. I would expect this type of traffic in May, but to see it in April… it’s curious to me that it’s happening this early … it could just be strictly based on the weather, but I think it’s just the indicator that people are ready to get outside.”
tom Waters
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area Park Manager

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