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The Ark Valley Voice is an online news source for Chaffee County and the Upper Arkansas Valley in Central Colorado. Guided by experienced, reputable journalist Jan Wondra (managing editor), the Ark Valley Voice seeks to elevate the quality of local journalism to foster an informed and educated public.

Mission Statement

To be a voice in pursuit of truth in the Upper Arkansas Valley by providing objective, factual journalism that supports an informed community, civil discourse and government accountability while reflecting the values of the community.


To provide quality journalism to the Upper Ark community in a way that:

  • Recognizes that truth has no sides.
  • Stands upon the tenets of objective, factual reporting that adds personal relevance to events.
  • Encourages dialogue fostering an engaged, informed and curious population.
  • Highlights positive trends, events and developments in the community.
  • Encourages public officials and civil servants to operate with openness and  transparency, focused on the needs of the communities they serve.
  • Reinforces united communities intent upon collaborating for the good of the place(s) in which we live and work.
  • Functions as a reflection of the community to the outside world, conveying the heart of the people of the Upper Arkansas Valley and their commitment to this place and to each other.

Community Advisory Board

The Ark Valley Voice Community Advisory Board consists of community leaders and concerned citizens who donate their time and ideas to help ensure that Ark Valley Voice addresses concerns and issues relevant to the people of the Upper Ark Valley. The Community Advisory Board plays a crucial role by helping to ensure that Ark Valley Voice addresses issues important to all segments of our local communities.