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Our Voice: Pieces of the puzzle that set the record straight

Ark Valley Voice is 18 months old. Associated with our organization are 16 hard-working people in a combination of hourly staff and stringers. In total our coverage hours each week equal roughly seven FTE (full time equivalents) and we are hiring. We don’t just cover government and community news; we do investigative reporting, diving deeper into issues and topics that Arkansas River Valley residents and visitors have a right to know.

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Thinking security: A few thoughts in the wake of the domestic terrorist attacks in El Paso and Gilroy

Candidates for municipal, state, and federal offices are beginning, or will soon begin, their campaigns for election or reelection next year. They will discuss issues of healthcare, levels of taxation, education standards, issues pertaining to gun safety and control. Yet underlying every single one of these issues is the real issue at the heart of American politics in 2019: what does being “American” mean and who gets to be American?

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