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In a previously-scheduled extra meeting set for 12:000 noon January 31, the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) met its January deadline to appoint new members to the County Planning Commission and the Chaffee County Visitors’ Bureau.

Two new members have been appointed to fill two vacancies on the Chaffee County Planning Commission, both joining as of the February 7 regular meeting. via Resolution 2023-15. The BoCC appointed Leslie Hylton Hinga and Aron Kindle who are each appointed for three-year terms.

Via the same resolution, Chip Mortimer was reappointed, making six Planning Commissioners retained to complete their terms: Marjo Curgus, Hank Held, Thomas Doumas, Bill Baker, Sarah Anderson, and John (Bill) Mansheim.

“There were lots of great applications for the Planning Commission,” said Commissioner P.T. Wood. “It’s encouraging to see the involvement of the community.”

“I agree, I would have been comfortable appointing anyone of them,” said commissioner Greg Felt. “They were all qualified, but a couple stood out with [their] background and descriptions.

Via Resolution 2023-16, three new members were appointed to the Chaffee Visitor’s Bureau:  Jamie Billesbach, Betsy Kolomitz  and Brent Jewell.