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The agenda for the Chaffee Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) session for March 7 includes only a single land use item, but several reviews of financial awards on county programs, as well as the final resolution that will allocate a percentage of county lodging tax to support local workforce affordable housing efforts. The meeting will end with an executive session focused on property negotiations, but not before recognizing the accomplishments of the Director of General Administration Bob Christiansen, who will retire at the end of this week.

The Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners, for 2023. Left to right, Chair Keith Baker, P.T. Wood and Greg Felt. Photo by Jan Wondra.

The session is set to begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room at 104 Crestone Ave. in Salida. Those who don’t wish to attend in person can view the proceedings on this Zoom link.

The Post-Madden Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption located at 12655 County Road 190 E, Salida if approved, would subdivide 5.98 acres into two parcels: ‘Lot 1’ comprising 2 acres and ‘Lot 2’ comprising 3.98 acres. An individual well and individual on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS) are proposed to serve the newly created ‘Lot 2’of 3.98 acres.

The BoCC will consider the acceptance and Approval of Colorado State Forest Financial Assistance Award to fund the Poncha Pass Fuels Reduction program, and move on to final appointment from the Planning Commission, the Transportation Board and the Salida Regional Planning Commission.

The BoCC will formalize Resolution 2023-20, allocating a percentage of the county’s lodging tax “to support local workforce and quality of life by providing and funding affordable housing for local workers, seasonal workers, and other workers in the community.”

The original allocation was approved by the BoCC at the January 31, 2023 meeting. Their lengthy discussions have been in response to the decision last November, in which county voters approved the reallocation of some percentage of the lodging tax away from  100 percent dedication to encouraging tourism, to improving the housing and quality of life situation for the county’s workforce.

In a first for the county under the new land use code, the BoCC will consider for approval Resolution 2023-21, granting a multi-year special event permit to the event known as “A Run Through Time.”