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The Colorado Times Recorder reported in a Jan. 17 article that the Chaffee County Republicans had posted a fake news story on their website that claimed that President Donald Trump and his family had donated $1 billion to build the border wall between the United states and Mexico. While the publication was pointing out the fake news, they created an inaccuracy of their own.
The article was investigated by Colorado Times Recorder Reporter Peter Savic, who said that fact-checking the article with two fact-checking sites, and, commonly used by news media to verify information. Both revealed the donation claim was not true.
The commentary said that “This report was not a genuine news article,” while the site said that the article was “made up” It citing this quote from the story: ‘The family’s PR firm has released a statement that confirms that the facts that are about to come out aren’t speculation from un-trusted sources inside the administration, they are un-trusted speculation from another source altogether.’”
Savic said he had reached out for comment to the Chaffee County Republican Committee Chair. But he inaccurately identified that person as State Rep. Dave Williams (R-El Paso County), instead of Dave Williams, who resides in Nathrop.

The full article is available here:

Chaffee County Republicans Share Fake News Claiming Trump Donated $1 Billion To Build Border Wall