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Module 2 Feedback due Feb. 1

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Time is growing short — there’s just one week left to provide feedback on the Chaffee County Land Use Code (LUC) for Module 2.

Since October 2022, county staff, Board of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, LUC Community Advisory Committee, and several policy advisor stakeholder groups have been debating the core policies covered within Module 2: Application Submission and Review Procedures, Subdivision Standards, and Development Standards. The big picture for the Land Use Code project is here.

According to the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) and their consultants Logan Simpson, the Document Review Portal is now ready for a first pass of public review and comment. This initial set of drafts will be adjusted based on feedback received prior to the BoCC scheduling formal adoption hearings later in the spring.

Module 2: Application Submission and Review Procedures, Subdivision Standards, and Development Standards

Once on the portal, the navigation at the top and bottom of the page allows anyone to easily select the chapter they wish to review (Chapter 4 – Subdivision Standards, Chapter 5 – Development Standards, or Chapter 6 – Administration). Users may also choose the Next or Previous buttons to toggle from one chapter to the next. A search box at the top of the page allows the reviewer to jump to any keyword they choose, such as “fire” or “septic”.

Once in a chapter a reviewer can scroll from top to bottom and click at any point to engage the “+ bubble” and add a comment, question, suggested revision or technical edit. You’re asked to leave your name and email but this information is only for the County and the consultants. When done, remember to click on the “Add Comment” button to save your comment to the database. Your comments are not seen by others nor can you view others. Help is available by clicking the ? icon in the lower right of the screen.

Those wishing to take a deeper dive can click here for a redlined version of Module 2 for reference, to better understand what is new language and what is existing.

Together Chaffee County Land Use Code timeline as of January, 2023

You’re asked to please review and share your thoughts at now through February 1, 2023.

Readers may also sign up for on-going initiative updates and follow along at