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“A Winter’s Eve With David Arkenstone and Friends”

Five-time Grammy Nominee David Arkenstone will be hosting a candlelit holiday celebration at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 6, at the Salida SteamPlant Event Center.

“A Winter’s Eve With David Arkenstone and Friends” will treat audiences to a multi-genre concert featuring new takes on holiday classics and debuting songs from Arkenstone’s newest album, and No. 1 Amazon Hot New Release,  “Winterlude”.

Arkenstone, a critically acclaimed composer and multi-instrumentalist, creates beautifully dynamic soundscapes that take audiences on total sensory experiences.

When he’s not on the road, Arkenstone spends most of his year in Pismo Beach, California. This is where he wrote and composed the majority of the pieces off his new album “Winterlude”.

“Winterlude is like wishful thinking”, Arkenstone muses.

Despite living near the sunny shores of California, Arkenstone has always had a deep love and admiration for winter, and especially the mountains. Since snow is not usually readily available in California, Arkenstone has almost always had to drive long distances to see winter at its fullest.

“I’m just like a visitor to winter,” Arkenstone says with a chuckle.

Yet, “Winterlude” evokes an almost childlike etherealness that instantly transports listeners to warm wintery memories long forgotten. From beautifully haunting pieces like “Kisses From the Falling Snow” to snowy sonic landscapes like “Whispers of the Winter Wind”, it’s easy to imagine yourself soaring above snowy peaks and through snow-laden valleys.

“Winterlude” was an album that flowed easily from Arkenstone, beginning in January 2023 and seeing all its songs completed by February 2023. That’s a remarkable turnaround for any musician and simply alludes to the compositional mastery that Arkenstone has honed over decades of disciplined musicianship.

“I just launched right into it. I was fired up about it!” Arkenstone exclaimed.

Winter and Christmas has always held a very special place in Arkenstone’s heart. Each Christmas, no matter where Arkenstone is, he walks outside at midnight and just listens to the world. As a musician, this is not only a powerful way of hearing Nature’s music, but also meditating with the very spirit of Christmas.

This sincere warmth and bliss effortlessly bleeds into Arkenstone’s live performances with his beautiful band.

“It’s just a room of joy for those two hours”, Arkenstone beamed.

Arkenstone has dedicated his musical career to performing unique and beautifully moving compositions and this upcoming holiday performance is the star on top of your holiday festivity tree.

“David’s music will warm your heart and spark the holiday spirit, taking concertgoers on a a wondrous musical sleigh ride from first note to last”, reads the official concert poster.

General Admission tickets are $30 and VIP tickets are $45 and can be bought here. VIP tickets include a post meet and greet, preferred seating, lanyard, custom CD, and a signed photo. Kick off the season right with a Winter’s Eve with David Arkenstone and Friends.