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In a move that could have been expected, Dr. Eric Coomer PhD, the Vice President of Dominion Voting Systems, who was personally attacked by President Donald Trump and his surrogates as they lashed out about the results of the 2020 election, has filed a lawsuit against his attackers through his attorneys.

Dr. Eric Coomer, Vice President of Product Strategy for Dominion Voting Systems had to keep traveling as the COVID-19 pandemic surged to prepare for the 2020 election. Now, due to death threats, he is in hiding. Courtesy photo.

In a complaint filed by his attorneys Cain and Skarnulis PLLC, in the 2nd Judicial District Court in Denver County, Coomer has brought suit against the now-sitting President of the Unites States of America Donald Trump, and various other entities who participated in the attacks.  He alleges that he has been both slandered/libeled  in their attempts to set forth their hypothesis that somehow the 2020 election must be fraudulent and he must be part of, and responsible for, that fraud.

“Today I have filed a lawsuit in Colorado in an effort to unwind as much of the damage as possible done to me, my family, my life and my livelihood as a result of the numerous false public statements that I was somehow responsible for “rigging’ the 2020 presidential election,” said Coomer.

The suit begins with a “Who’s Who” of Trump cronies and alt-right news media that have participated in the election fraud rumors:

“Plaintiff Eric Coomer, Ph.D. (Dr. Coomer), by and through undersigned counsel, brings this action against Defendants Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., Sidney Powell, Sidney Powell, P.C., Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph Oltmann, FEC United, Shuffling Madness Media, Inc. dba Conservative Daily, James Hoft, TGP Communications LLC dba The Gateway Pundit, Michelle Malkin, Eric Metaxas, Chanel Rion, Herring Networks, Inc. dba One America News Network, and Newsmax Media, Inc. (collectively, Defendants herein) in response to relentless defamation and ongoing threats…”

Coomer has had death threats, constant harassment and damage to his reputation and is seeking restitution. “I have been thrust into the public spotlight by people with political and financial agendas, but, at heart, I am a private person, explained Coomer. “While I intend to do everything I can to recapture my prior lifestyle, I have few illusions in this regard… today, I put my trust in the legal process, which has already exposed the truth of the 2020 presidential election. I fully believe that this process will help me reclaim my personal and professional reputation to the greatest extent possible.”

The 52-page lawsuit goes on to set forth the premise for the lawsuit beginning with: “Spreading false conspiracy theories about American election workers can have devastating consequences.  This is such a case.  Specifically, this case is based on Defendants’ false and baseless assertions that Dr. Coomer, an employee of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. (Dominion), sits at the center of a national conspiracy to fraudulently elect the President of the United States.  Defendants, by their actions, have elevated Dr. Coomer in the national spotlight, invaded his privacy, threatened his security, and fundamentally defamed his reputation across this country.”

Coomer sat down with Ark Valley Voice (AVV) last Friday, Dec. 18 to describe what the past weeks have been like in hiding.

He can’t go home, because Trump supporters have put out a $1 million bounty on his head in their fanatical support of the president and the lies being spread about the 2020 election. The story ran early Tuesday, Dec. 22.

AVV’s fellow CoLab member NBC (9News) investigative reporter Marshall Zelinger, picked up the story this afternoon, and identified the lawsuit filed around 2 p.m. MST this afternoon in the 2nd Judicial District Court.


Coomer’s lawyers say they have no additional comment; noting the lawsuit spoke for itself.