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Montessori Intergenerational Learning Communities logo (MILC)

An information session regarding a new Montessori Preschool and Aging Adult Daycare program will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 27, at the Sangre De Cristo Electric Association Meeting room at 29780 U.S. Hwy 24 in Buena Vista.

The meeting will be hosted by the Montessori Inter-generational Learning Communities (MILC). The organization says it wants to educate the Chaffee County and Buena Vista communities about innovative concepts around early childhood education, aging adult care, and the inter-generational opportunity that both needs present.

MILC explains that “Montessori for children focuses on each child’s individuality and the uniqueness of their learning experience. Learning opportunities present themselves in a prepared environment in which children are encouraged to explore and observe, to learn at their individual pace, develop critical thinking skills and to care for themselves, others and their community as independently as possible through ‘meaningful work.’”

MILC explains Montessori for Aging and Dementia for adults as, “…an innovative approach to dementia care that can be adapted for individuals or groups as a philosophy of care. The goal of the Montessori program is to support people living with dementia by creating a prepared environment, filled with cues and memory supports creating the opportunity for ‘meaningful work’ that enables individuals to care for themselves, others and their community so that they may live as independently as possible.”

MILC will be educating community members who attend the informational session about inter-generational communities, which MILC explains as “programs in which children and older adults participate in ongoing services and/or programming concurrently at the same site.”

By having the two programs running simultaneously at the same location, MILC said, “Participants interact during regularly scheduled planned inter-generational activities as well as through informal encounters.”