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Editor’s note: this letter to Chaffee County Commissioners was shared to ArkValley Voice with a request to share it with the public.

Dear Commissioners:

My name is Dale Speer and this email is in regards to the proposed development across from the Centerville Pitt Stop and along the Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway, otherwise known as the Ehrhart Family Ranch. My father lived and died in Salida. My siblings and I were born in Colorado and will also die in Colorado. The drive between Fairplay and Crestone is one of the most scenic in Colorado.

One of our pleasures in life is to drive to the old cemetery on the ranch and reminisce about the history and the people buried in this cemetery. My father’s girlfriend, Jane, is buried in this cemetery. All that I am asking is for you to consider making the old house and cemetery a historical site. Being one of the first county commissioners in Chaffee County in 1886, a member of the Colorado General Assembly, the House of Representatives, and then to the Senate, Thomas Jefferson Ehrhart would approve of this being a historic site. Thank you.

Dale Speer
San Francisco, Calif.