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(Editor’s note: Normally Ark Valley Voice tries very hard to make sure that articles are spelled and punctuated correctly and when errors are made, we appreciate our readers telling us so that we can correct them. In this case, Ark Valley Voice is reprinting this letter exactly as the letter-writer submitted it. We had a conversation with the writer, who says he intends every word exactly as written and hopes AVV readers appreciate this for what it represents.)

That was really great that you provided bergers for the Natioal Foot ball team You purchased 500 or 1,000 berger with your own monie tha you Daddy gave you.

The one million peope that r working without pay were realy impressed.  All of these people that you have futloaded are gratful that yiiu did this.  They r worried about paying their mortgage, rent, car payment, food  for their families and othr basic expenses.  To add insult to injury you call back woekers to work for no pay.

How are they going to get their without gas money.  You couod suggest tha they car pool, ride the bus, get a bycycle or wallk.  Not good Donald.

You said thatt your gut endstinks ae butter than the Generals. Intelligence folks and besides u need to check with Potin befour you make a decision.  I have to ttell you this.  I want to send you one of those newtrition programs that I see on TV.  You have a lot of gut to help your endstinks.  If yiu find my sourcasim distaseful and send the Secret Service, FBI and Secret Service after me, Please tell them to
give me for hours notice and I will cook them some stakes.

If I could be so bold, I would suggest that you run your Twitters on a computer that has Spell check and grammar check.  I donut writ anything without out running it thru spell check and grammer check.

Thank you for having someone read this to you.

David Nelson