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Dear Editor,

P.T. Wood is the Chaffee County Commissioner candidate for all of us who care about our quality of life, our recreation opportunities, and a vigorous balanced economy with attainable housing. This amazing place drew us all here and this amazing place needs a Commissioner with the skills to innovate sustainable solutions for our economy and natural resources.

P.T. has a proven track record as a popular and effective two-term mayor of Salida, with 15 years of total experience in local government. He’s built affordable-housing partnerships resulting in nearly 80 new units and at least 24 more in the works. And he’s a successful business person, recognized by leadership positions in the Colorado Distillers Guild and the American Craft Spirits Association

P.T. is an approachable can-do guy who brings us together. He understands the full spectrum of our interests and needs. We need a County Commissioner like P.T.!

Thank you,
Katherine & Michael McCoy
Buena Vista CO