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Director Mike Broemmel and actress Jan Justis. Photo courtesy of Colorado TINTS

On Friday May 1, the Colorado Theater in Nontraditional Spaces (TINTS) will release a trailer for its new film Mother Jones which is part of the Iconic Women Series.

Originally it was set to premiere for Salida middle and high school students on May 1 in honor of International Workers Day. Due to COVID-19 the showing has been rescheduled.

This series of one woman shows directed by Mike Broemmel, brings to life the stories and achievements of under recognized women. The play stars actor Jan Justis as Mother Jones.

Mary Harris Mother Jones lost her four children and husband to the Yellow Fever in Memphis. She then went on to be known as the most dangerous women in the county, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

To watch the preview, go to Colorado TINTS’ YouTube channel.