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Now Every Dollar You Donate Will be Tripled

Just yesterday, a Salida supporter of the nonprofit Ark Valley Voice (AVV) challenged readers to match his challenge donation of $2,500 by this Saturday, July 22, as part of AVV’s “Christmas in July” Giving Campaign. The goal: to raise $30,000 to support home-grown, nonprofit journalism in the Arkansas River Valley.

Upon hearing the news, a rural Chaffee supporter called early this morning, offering to double that match, under the same conditions.  So now every dollar you give, up to $2,500, by Saturday, July 22 will be matched two for one.  All gifts are tax-deductible.

When asked what prompted this offer, the donor said “I’ve been very impressed with the new writers at Ark Valley Voice. I want to help ensure that their work can continue. The people at Ark Valley Voice work hard to bring me features that interest me and information I can trust.”

The face of Chaffee County is changing rapidly and misinformation is on the rise. Ark Valley Voice is adding more in-depth coverage, providing fact-based journalism throughout the day, six days a week.

Today alone, in-person coverage at the County Commissioners’ meeting considers yet more subdivisions of land. Tonight, the Salida City Council unveils the latest version of the Future Land Use Map (FLUM). Want to know what Salida is doing to ensure redundant supplies of clean drinking water as the population continues to grow? Read about a field trip to Salida’s major new water treatment plant at Pasquale Springs.

Is childcare, workforce and elder housing, or the emotional health of young people affecting your family? School board and municipal elections are already starting to gather steam and may result in major changes. Ark Valley Voice covers these local issues directly impacting your everyday life, as well as state, national, and even international issues that impact Chaffee County residents.

Now that every dollar you contribute this week at our online site, up to $2,500 will be matched two for one, we hope readers will take the challenge and donate securely online here. Your receipt will show the name of our fiscal sponsor, the Institute for Nonprofit News, automatically earmarked for our dedicated fund.

Or, if you’d prefer, a check may also be made payable to “Institute for Nonprofit News”, writing “Ark Valley Voice” in the memo line . We only ask that you contact Merrell Bergin, Board President at Truth has a Voice Foundation (Ark Valley Voice) by email to to arrange for pickup of your check by Saturday.

Support is welcomed in any amount, from new or renewing supporters, in a one-time or recurring donation (which will be valued at 12 month’s worth). The math is simple: a gift of $50 becomes $150, $100 grows to $300 and $250 becomes $750.  All of it funds AVV’s hard-working, local journalists.

The circle of supporters and Community Partners is widening by word of mouth and we hope you’ll pass this on.  $30,000 is what it takes to move the AVV newsroom to the next level. We’re getting there but need your help. Donate Here!

Thank you from all of us at Ark Valley Voice.