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City and County officials toured the operation of Salida Airport in late May, 2022. Many were treated to flights. Dan Smith photo.

The Salida Airport – Harriet Alexander Field has announced the launch of a flight school to meet a long-standing need for flight education in Salida as well as the formation of a new chapter of the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA).

Local pilot and Airport Advisory Committee member Rob Dubin said students at the flight school will have access to a Cessna 172 training airplane and a certified flight instructor. Ground school training will also be available. He stated the courses will take students from basic instruction all the way to obtaining a private pilot license or advanced ratings.

The flight school will utilize modern teaching techniques and a sophisticated flight simulator.

Salida will also host a new chapter of the Experimental Aviation Association, one of the most respected aviation associations in the United States. With the new chapter, enthusiasts and professionals alike will have a local outlet to share their passions for aviation, Dubin stated.

The first meeting of the chapter will be held at the Salida Airport at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 16. All interested persons are welcome to attend.

The Salida Airport is also planning a Young Eagles Day in the near future, a date to be announced. The event purpose is to raise awareness and inspire the next generation of aviators. Young Eagles Day is an event specifically designed for children ages 8-17 with the aim of providing them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the thrill of flying. This event is designed for anyone interested in aviation and learning to fly.

“The airport is thrilled to be hosting Young Eagles Day soon, opening the door for young people to take their first steps to realizing their dreams of becoming a pilot,” said Dubin.

The Airport also plans to hosting a public airshow on September 16 featuring several aerobatic acts, military jets and trainers, helicopters, and more. Details to be announced. For more information, contact the Salida Airport at 719-539-3720.