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Construction of the new Salida Skatepark is ahead of schedule. Valerian LLC, which is based in Seattle, Washington, has mobilized more of their team to keep up this pace. The site foreman has been in Salida for more than a month and more crew members have already arrived.

The crew was waiting until after the holidays to see how the weather would be. Shortly after the New Year, the crew made the call to push ahead, through the winter as opposed to waiting until spring.  They have been seen on the job, seven days a week in all kind of weather and late in the day.

Currently the crew is framing the park so they can then build forms to pour concrete. The process they use to place the concrete is called shotcrete which uses a machine to blow concrete in place. The team plans to start pouring in the coming weeks.

Photo by Brooke Gilmore.

Crew leaders are projecting to have the park done in May, barring protracted bad weather. “We’re hoping to have an opening ceremony. I imagine that would be in June sometime,” said Director of Parks and Recreation “Diesel” Post.

Salida Parks and Recreation is working with Friends of Salida Skatepark to figure out additional amenities for the park including benches, shade, bike racks and more. These finishing details most likely won’t be done until the end of the project.

The City of Salida has a project page where Parks and Recreation hopes to upload a streaming link so community members can watch the progress of the build. The page will also host updates and explanations on the project, monthly or quarterly. Click here to view the project page.