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Nordic-Americana (more on that later) performing artist Sofia Talvik is coming to Salida to perform at A Church on Wednesday, August 9. The Swedish folk singer will be performing songs from her upcoming album, Center of the Universe, which is set to release on August 14.

The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the nonprofit venue A Church, located at 419 D St in Salida. Tickets are $20 per person, and can be purchased here. Wednesday’s concert will be the second stop on Talvik’s summer/fall tour that includes over 50 shows in venues across the United States.

Coming off a 2022 tour for her album Paws of a Bear, which was delayed due to COVID-19, Talvik went to a small, rural village in Sweden and recorded Center of the Universe in the span of just one week.

The new album includes a number of songs Talvik wrote during the pandemic, a pair of elegiac songs written in memory of a dear friend who passed, and a handful of tracks reflecting on war and refugees, which were inspired in particular by the Ukrainian conflict.

“​​There has been a lot to write about these past couple of years,” said Talvik.

Talvik’s music has a clear Scandinavian strain to it, but by combining it with mandolins and other hallmark instruments of the American folk tradition, she has cultivated a sound all her own. Her concert at A Church is sure to be a unique and memorable experience.

Check out Talvik’s album, Paws of a Bear, here.