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Is social media good — or bad? Are those behind the explosion of technology meant to bring us together, actually driving us apart? Is it true that the younger generation views social media in an entirely different way than do baby boomers? Is it even possible for tech giants to get a handle on the disinformation flooding their social media sites?

The Truth Has a Voice Foundation recently hosted a movie and discussion of the impacts of social media at the Salida SteamPlant.  Courtesy photo

These and other questions were part of a panel discussion during an Oct. 21 event at the SteamPlant.

Truth Has a Voice Foundation, along with co-sponsors Colorado Mountain College and Central Colorado Humanists, held a showing of the documentary, The Social Dilemma, at the SteamPlant. This powerful film was the focal point for a panel discussion following the viewing of the film.

The panel discussion was focused on the local impacts of social media and was moderated by Leslie Matthews. A video of the panel discussion is now available on the Truth Has a Voice Foundation website, The documentary itself can be viewed on YouTube or Netflix.

Panel members left to right in photo, included: Kelsey McNeill, a mental health specialist with Solvista Health; Michelle Pujol, an MBA in International Management with extensive experience in the digital marketing and operations industry (who manages social media for Ark Valley Voice); Dr. Libby Stuyt, a licensed psychiatrist with expertise in addiction and brain functioning; and two Salida High School students, Stella Veazey and Kalister Banghart, who brought an important current youth perspective to the discussion.

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