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Gilling Calls His Candidacy for Salida City Treasurer “Experience you can trust.”

Ben Gilling, who is running for a spot as city treasurer among city elected officials, says that his track record of business success, and within nonprofit communities across Colorado is his evidence of his suitability for this elected position.

Gilling grew up in Kansas City, he says with frequent trips to Colorado. The visit experience turned into permanent residency in Colorado in 1993. He’s an outdoor enthusiast, who first settled in Summit County. There, like so many mountain residents, he worked three different jobs to stay a mountain resident.

He’d earned a business degree from the University of Kansas and had experience working for several national companies, which he says, he turned into becoming an advocate for affordable housing. After he connected with the Wellington Pioneers, an organization promoting affordable housing, he served as a volunteer for the group. Also in Summit, representing workforce housing needs, he participated in City Council and Planning Department meetings to move the affordable housing efforts forward. This, says Gilling, gives him an insider knowledge of the inner workings of city government.

Gilling moved to Salida in 2017, and says he’s “fully immersed” in the community. He’s been active in the Salida Rotary Club since 2018, he has volunteered for multiple community events like Bluegrass on the Arkansas and the Fourth of July celebrations at Riverfront Park.  He says he’s made a point of following Salida City Council meetings and city operations; wanting to better understand how his city worked.  After meeting with the current City Treasurer, Merrell Bergin, and reviewing the job requirements, he says he sees the role of treasurer’s as a way to use his extensive experience while serving the community.

“In the Salida City Treasurer role, I will lead with integrity, ensuring transparency and stewardship of the city’s resources,” said Gilling. “With over thirty years of experience working in leadership roles in large companies that enhanced what I learned by obtaining my business degree, and volunteering on numerous nonprofit boards, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to provide oversight of the city’s $47.3 million-dollar budget for the citizens of Salida.”

“Because of its importance, the role of Salida City Treasurer requires demonstrated leadership and business experience,” he adds. “Working with budgets, managing teams, and leading working committees for years has provided me with the experience needed to fulfill the Treasurer’s role.”

Gilling says that he has reviewed and understands the city’s stated goals and personally identifies with the city’s objectives around Fiscal Responsibility and Workforce Housing. “We have too many Salida citizens who are housing challenged. The city has made progress on this issue, but additional work is required.”

His experience, he says is what makes him the best treasurer candidate. He sums it up as, “Experience matters.”

“It would be a privilege to serve as the Salida City Treasurer and I am committed to utilizing my knowledge, skills, and experience to the fullest extent to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency while serving my community,”  he adds.