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The Chaffee County Central Republican Committee (CCRC) held its organizational meeting on February 11, 2023. The Committee meeting saw three top Chaffee Republican leadership seats officially elected. Voting for all candidates was unanimous.

Chaffee County Republican Party

Kathy Rogers  of Salida was re-elected to Chair. Todd Tipton of Buena Vista was re-elected as Vice Chair, and Jennifer Barker of Nathrop was re-elected as Secretary.

They join the current Treasurer, Mike Phelps of Nathrop, who has been Treasurer for the organization since 2021. Each officer will serve a two-year term; all positions are volunteer positions.

“We are looking forward to supporting qualified conservative candidates who will support Chaffee County by bringing unity to our community this next election cycle,” stated Kathy Rogers, the Committee’s chairperson. “Everyone knows change is needed, and one of the things we will be diligently focused on is the support for candidates who have values that reflect all of Chaffee County, not just a particular segment of our community.”

The Chaffee County Republican Central Committee is the governing body of the Republican Party of Chaffee County and manages party operations throughout the county. The Party’s mission is to preserve conservative principles and promote Republican candidates for public office.

On March 11, 2023, the newly elected officials will travel to Loveland, Colorado, to represent Chaffee County Republicans at the State Central Committee Organizational Meeting

For further information, get in touch with Jennifer Barker, Secretary,  GOP.