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A release from Chaffee County Public Health Monday evening invites Chaffee County businesses that have remained operational throughout the pandemic to now proceed to fill out the streamlined Critical Business Checklist found at to receive a certificate of safety for posting.

Over the past two weeks, Chaffee County businesses identified as PHASE 1, 2, or 3 the groups that have been requested to complete a SAFE BUSINESS CHECKLIST found online at (click the red COVID-19 box).

The checklist assures that businesses have an appropriate safety plan that meets the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Chaffee County Public Health (CCPH) requirements to receive a certificate of safety to be operational. The certificate can then be placed in a public area to show customers that business has complied with guidelines.

“We are immensely grateful to our critical business groups whose employees continued to work during closures,” said the Director of Chaffee County Public Health Andrea Carlstrom. “Thank you to healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, grocery store workers, automotive repair employees, and many other individuals who worked so bravely without giving a second thought. It is thanks to your sacrifices that we continue to have continuity of essential functions.”

To date, CCPH says it has processed over 400 safety certificates to county businesses. When a business receives its safety certificate, they are also supplied with a “Safe Business Tool Kit,” which provides electronic links to helpful business signs, employee forms, and other support documents for print. Businesses may also apply for a “Starter Kit” if they do not readily have protective supplies for the first days of reopening by filling out the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Request form also found on the county website. If you have any questions, please call 719-539-4510.

Goals for the Chaffee’ Safer at Home’ phase

  • Maintain 60-65 percent physical distancing.
  • Second Homeowners will be allowed back in Chaffee County on May 16. However, they must comply with the amended and extended local public health order and follow isolation and quarantine requirements.
  • Individuals who are 65 and older, who have chronic lung and/or moderate to severe asthma, have serious heart conditions, who are immunocompromised, pregnant women, and those who are determined high-risk by their licensed healthcare provider should continue to follow the “Stay-at-Home” model. In Chaffee County, 1 in 4 residents are 65 and older. This figure is greater, taking into account second homeowners. We must protect our county’s older adults and most vulnerable.
  • Limitations on Public or Private Gatherings/Congregations: The size is increased from 0 to 10, and gatherings greater than 10 are still prohibited. Groups should be limited to family members or select households and continue to follow distancing and hygienic practices.
  • Recreation remains open only to local residents (and second homeowners, when permitted) until we are open for tourism. Outdoor recreation should continue to follow the current requirements. Indoor recreation will need to meet business safety requirements. These should not promote social gatherings.

The Safer at Home phase is not:

  • A free-for-all
  • An opportunity to leave the house as much as possible and spread the virus to others
  • An excuse to not wear a facial covering, or begin giving hugs or handshakes
  • Going to the mountains to spend the weekend
  • Conducting unnecessary travel
  • Having parties or get-togethers
  • Playing in pick up sports games.

In the coming days, the CCPH says it will offer further guidance to a variety of affected industries, including restaurants, lodging, RV and campgrounds. For daily updates and more information, refer to the COVID-19 Chaffee County Facebook page.