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The Chaffee County Early Childhood Council (CCECC) has issued a new survey, to determine based upon respondent input the specific childcare needs of our local workforce. Much has changed in the childcare industry post-COVID and CCECC would like to find out how that has impacted families’ childcare needs.

This data will help them partner with other organizations and local businesses to initiate conversations needed to develop viable solutions to issues our local workforce may be having around childcare.

The survey has been sent to large employers, small businesses, and nonprofits. According to CCECC, the council wants to ensure all the Chaffee workforce has the opportunity to participate in this community analysis. The survey will be open until November 3. This is the link to the survey:

CCECC’s last childcare survey was sent out in 2018 and again in 2019. It revealed that 65 percent of Buena Vista families and 73 percent of Salida families felt that the lack of childcare was forcing them to consider leaving the area.

As we have seen in the last three years, childcare is an issue that has had a massive impact on our whole community, and not just for those needing childcare. Many people have reported experiencing longer wait times for goods and services due to businesses being short-staffed. Most of these surveys reach about 150 families and organizers are hoping this one will have a large enough pool of participants to get some robust data for their work.

CCECC is a nonprofit organization that serves children and their families, prenatal through age 8, and works with many diverse community partners including organizations, parents, and professionals. CCECC works with the community to assess local early childhood needs, identify proven solutions, and access the resources necessary to embed solutions into the ongoing work of community partners. Visit for more information about their work.