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The annual Lincoln Day Dinner is coming up in February, organized by the Chaffee County Republicans. This annual celebration is set to begin at 5:00 p.m. Saturday, February 24 at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Pavilion. The fundraising event for the Chaffee County Republican Central Committee Party will introduce Republican candidates running for county office. In the past there have been a few state-level elected visitors.

According to event organizers, the event doesn’t just have speakers, it has some fun, including something called a “wine pull,” a silent auction, and a raffle featuring firearms and something called a “Chaffee Diamond”.

The raffle has a certain irony to it — given that our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln was killed by an assassin’s bullet, some would find the idea of celebrating Lincoln while giving away an assault rifle or two to be offensive. Especially this year, with domestic gun violence soaring, a charged political environment leading up to the 2024 elections, and a gun fellow stationing himself in a main shopping area of Salida, it might make more sense to back off blatant focus on weaponry.

Republican Candidates gather at the 2022 Lincoln Day Dinner. AVV file photo.

It could be noted that Lincoln, who saved the union, might not recognize the political party to which he was affiliated.

This is now a party where Republican governors of several states are openly flouting federal authority, where the party’s historic reverence for law and order has melted away making commonsense gun control impossible, and where blind support for a person who tried to overturn a presidential election is not just expected, but required.

The idea that many have referenced this raffle as the “John Wilkes Booth Raffle” is even worse… glorifying the man who killed Lincoln and celebrating today’s chosen weapon of mass killing. “A recent social media post referred to the GOP’s choice of door prizes as “Kid Killer assault rifles.”

Tickets are $100 each and are now available. Email Jennifer Barker, at who can mail the registration form. All ticket sales are online only.