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Colorado county clerks and their employees are facing personal safety issues and serious security challenges for doing their jobs. The overly ridiculous election fraud conspiracy claims have no facts, proof, or evidence to back up the claims of stolen or manipulated elections. We need your support.

Recently, I heard unsubstantiated accusations from individuals toward my neighboring county clerk (and friend) Lori Mitchell regarding the year’s election. Lori is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable clerks in the state and her integrity is beyond reproach. She has been and still is a team player. Not just for surrounding county clerks, but for the entire Clerk’s Association, and helps anyone who needs it.

Lori helps all Clerks and staff regardless of political affiliation. In Colorado, Clerks ignore the “status” of Republican, Democratic and all affiliations, because our elected position is about conducting business for our constituents and other customers for our counties. Lori is a shining example of the truth that political affiliation stays at the door and we help each other succeed because we should.

Most of these individuals that have continued to spread accusations of fraud or that are extremist election-deniers don’t understand how Colorado elections work and refuse to work in conjunction with Clerks to make the elections better.

Most of them just want to instill mistrust for their own self-interests like raising money, getting voters riled up, or getting voters uninterested in voting. Their divisive, aggressive approach makes me fear that if their outcomes don’t come to fruition that someone or staff may get injured or worse.

I believe in the institution of Colorado’s election system.

It isn’t just because of the hardworking staff and clerks but because all parties are involved in the process including party members. With all the hype around elections, though there is something to be said about Clerks and staff that work election because their own safety is at peril. The clerks are the ones who ensure that your vote counts, regardless of party affiliation. Our elections system is called the gold standard in the country for a reason: it’s accurate, accessible, fair, transparent, bi-partisan, and secure.

I know Clerk Mitchell does an amazing job for Chaffee County and you and I are lucky to have Lori in the job she is in.

Justin D Grantham

Clerk and Recorder, Fremont County CO

Colorado County Clerks Association – President

Member Action 22

Editor’s Note: the headline for this letter to the editor includes my editor’s request: “Colorado County Clerks Need Our Support.”