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Dear Editor,

As the owner of a small, independent sign shop in Chaffee County I feel it is my responsibility to act in the best interest of both my clients and my vendors. It would appear that the Hannah Hannah campaign does not share that value with me.

Whenever you see the Hannah Hannah campaign logo on the signs that are all over our community remember that the logo was created by an artist from Bogota, Colombia for only $60. This despite the fact that we have an abundance of local artistic talent who would love to do the job, and quite frankly need the work.

To make matters worse they did not even hire the person to create the logo. Instead, they used a “freelancer” website that that sets up “contests” and only pays the “winner” for their results:

71 other artists from third world countries submitted artwork for consideration in this contest, most of them from Bangladesh. This is another area where my values conflict with those of the Hannah Hannah campaign; I do not believe in the exploitation of third world people in order to save a couple of dollars.

It’s quite simple to wave a flag and claim allegiance to our country or give lip service to the idea of being a committed citizen of Chaffee County, it’s quite another to put your money where your mouth is.

The Hannah Hannah campaign had a choice, made their choice, and now it’s time for us to make our choice. The Hannah Hannah campaign saved a few dollars, and a local artist lost out on needed work.

I will be voting for Keith Baker, not just because of the above offensive behavior, but because he is by far the more qualified candidate.

Steve Kucera