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Dear Editor:

After first meeting Kimberly Parker in May, I was immediately impressed with her grasp of the issues and her ability to articulate her vision. I then walked with her as she went door-to-door, introducing herself and inviting voters to express their concerns.

That’s when I was really hooked, and knew I’d vote for her.

Kimberly Parker is capable, passionate, experienced and inclusive. She wants us to communicate with the commissioners so that decisions affecting Chaffee County include our input. To do that, she will harness technology by modernizing access to information and services. She believes commission meetings should be available via the internet so that working people can be informed and involved.

We need voices from all across the county to create a road map that will provide us with a countywide comprehensive plan, one that will be a guiding document for years to come. Kimberly Parker’s intellect and critical thinking abilities will be invaluable during this process. She will listen respectfully to people from all walks of life and viewpoints. She will honor the historic perspective of our longtime residents as well as newer arrivals.

In her work with The Alliance, and as chair of the Housing Policy Advisory Committee, she has already proven to be a force for regional collaboration through her engagement across all sectors of government and social groups. I support Kimberly Parker and her fresh perspective for county commissioner. She has a way of bringing people together, listening and finding common ground.

Trish Cullinan