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Dear Editor,

Winter is coming soon and for the past three winters, Chaffee County Hospitality Inc. (CCHI) has provided seasonal shelter to our unhoused community members, along with a hot meal every evening. The Winter Shelter has proven to be a valuable resource in providing essential services to those experiencing homelessness in our community.

Our community is stronger when we all support organizations like CCHI. Their work not only provides essential services to those in need but also helps to reduce homelessness, which benefits the entire community by improving safety, well-being, and overall quality of life.

We at Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA), recognize that homelessness is an issue that affects every other aspect of the lives of people who are unhoused, making it increasingly more difficult to get back to self sufficiency. Homelessness is a problem that requires the collective efforts of both public and private organizations to address.

CHA has served 62 unhoused community members and their families in the past 10 months through the Continuum of Care. CHA also collaborates with CCHI through the Bezos Grant to provide emergency assistance to families, housing them temporarily in hotels and helping them find stable housing.

As an organization, we support all types of housing issues in Chaffee County and want to encourage other local organizations, businesses, and individuals to continue supporting the vital work of CCHI. It is our hope that CCHI will receive the necessary funding and resources to continue its programs and outreach, enabling them to continue to help unhoused community members in need.

Thank you to CCHI for their unwavering dedication to addressing homelessness in our community. CHA is proud to collaborate with CCHI and support the shelter and the incredible work CCHI does. You can sign up for the meal train and donate today at or by calling 719-539-6422.

Becky Longberg

Housing Programs Manager

Chaffee Housing Authority