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Dear Editor:

Kimberly Parker is an outstanding candidate for Chaffee County commissioner. She has worked hard from a young age and has dedicated herself to public service. She has a good technical background and education, an impressive ability to talk about a variety of county issues, and a calm and deliberate spirit.

As chair of the Housing Policy Advisory Committee (HPAC), Kimberly is able to make sure all voices are heard, and she distills opinions into succinct action items. She understands how to work with a group and will bring that skill to the Chaffee County Commission.

Kimberly’s technical background will be vital as Chaffee County modernizes its communication systems. She will lead an effort to make county meetings and documents more visible and accessible to the public. She will pursue better and more reliable broadband services to support businesses, individuals and emergency services.

The county commissioners hold some of the most powerful positions in the state of Colorado. We need Kimberly’s dedication, commitment to full-time service, and enthusiasm for learning, leading and problem-solving.

I hope you will join me in voting for Kimberly Parker for Chaffee County commissioner. Kimberly is the right leader at a critical time in Chaffee County’s growth. We need her expertise and your vote.

Libby Fay
Buena Vista