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Dear Editor:

We have greater challenges in Chaffee County than we did 10 years ago: growth management, need for affordable housing, opportunities for youth, balancing of economics, land and water use, waste management, transportation and environment. We look to our county commissioners to make the right decisions, and we need to be well informed on our candidates running for county commissioner.

Their qualifications, vision, collaborative skills and courage to set policy based on conservation are more important than their longevity living in the county. This election will affect all of our long-term well being.

I got to know Kimberly Parker through her work as the youth advocate, then housing advocate on the staff of The Alliance (formerly the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse) where I serve on the board of directors.

Her broad skill set was evident in areas of technology, business, youth and adult advocacy and education, then housing coordination and advocacy. Leadership and teamwork is also evidenced in her work as a member of the Chaffee County Early Childhood Council, then chair of the Chaffee County Housing Policy Advisory Committee, which led to the Office of Housing.

In discussion with Kimberly, notice how most of her time is spent in thoughtful listening, quiet focused sharing of ideas, and fact-based results. She is all about clarity, action and less talk.

We can all benefit from Kimberly’s extensive skills by giving her a “seat at the table” with our current team of county commissioners. Learn more at

Jan Justis