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With one week remaining, we are 46.7 percent toward our goal. The Ark Valley Voice Christmas in July fund drive is planned to end July 31, every penny earmarked to support our hardworking journalists. So you have just six more days to make your donation to support this public service news organization. We hope you will.

We are a nonprofit. We have no owners or shareholders. We exist to serve the public interest. We make news free for readers. Our journalism has no profit motive and our mission is to give truth a voice.

If you’re a regular reader or a new reader, know that at Ark Valley Voice (AVV) we avoid the false equivalencies other news media often add in the name of neutrality. As a nonprofit local news source, facts prevail. Fairness and truth underlie everything we write.

But frankly, there is a right and a wrong stance when it comes to many ethical issues we cover; from censorship, and reproductive justice, racism and bigotry, the security of our elections, climate change and drought, wildfire, and resiliency.  While we don’t tell you what to think — we hope we give you things to think about.

Then there is our stance on democracy and the rule of law. There, we will not bend.

There, we stand not just for the freedoms enumerated in the First Amendment, but our trust in the structure of our entire Constitution. It lays out the ingenious checks and balances as envisioned by this nation’s founding fathers. It’s not perfect — but the best the world has to offer.

There are those who are out to shred the Constitution — and they are blatantly telling us so. As a people, Americans can only stop this by giving the truth a voice. We encourage you to join our voice — and speak up for what you know to be true. Our parents and grandparents fought for this democracy and the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — not just for some, but the rights of all. Can we not at least lend our voices to the struggle they won for us?

If you are able, please consider supporting this public service news organization with just a little — or better yet with a recurring monthly amount– during our AVV Christmas in July fund drive.

We thank you,

The AVV Crew

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