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Each generation gets its moments of trauma that become embedded in our memories. Moments that no matter how many years go by, how distant we grow from the date, or the place, stick with us; to be recalled by a sight, a smell, a memory tucked away in a long-forgotten book, that suddenly brings it all back to vividness.

Most people over the age of 30 or so have vivid memories of Sept. 11, 2001, remembering where we were, how we learned of the unfolding tragedy, what we were doing, what we told our children, how our communities or the world responded. Ark Valley Voice would like to gather a few of these memories into a story honoring those we lost, honoring the heroism of the fallen, and the spirit of resiliency that pulled us all together.

We’d like to call on our readers for their memories of that day, to include them in a special Sept. 11 story. If you have a memory to contribute, please send it as a Microsoft Word document to

Featured image: The Twin Towers as a crowd watches both towers burn in lower Manhattan on 9-11.  Image courtesy of the Associated Press.